About Queens D'Vinos

A Journey of Passion, Terrroir and Elegance.

Nestled in the sun-kissed hills of Andalusia, Spain, Queens D'Vinos was founded in 2020 by Svetlana Ruderman. Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring the authentic flavors of Spain's premier vineyards to the American table. Each bottle in our collection is a tribute to Spanish viticulture, carefully selected to ensure the pinnacle of quality. As proud recipients of the "Denominación de Origen" certification, our wines are more than beverages—they are a symphony of authentic flavors, traditions, and passion. At Queens D'Vinos, we cherish our ever-growing community of wine enthusiasts. With the loyalty of numerous connoisseurs, our brand is a testament to our dedication to quality and unparalleled service. Join us on a journey where every sip unfolds a story and every glass bridges Spain and you.

Queens Dvinos Vineyard

Queens D'Vinos:

4800 +
Glasses Poured Monthly
640 +
Loyal Connoiousseurs
8 +
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