Bodegas Fontedei: The highest quality artisanal wine from Granada​

Bodegas Fontedei: The highest quality artisanal wine from Granada

The province of Granada is a place that captivates all its visitors thanks to its unparalleled virtues: an enriching culture, a great history behind it, monuments like the Alhambra, and unique locations such as Sierra Nevada and the Tropical Coast. When it comes to gastronomy, there are countless products that put this land on the map, from lamb to shrimp, not forgetting the vegetables from the Vega. And when it comes to wines, the quality offered by some Granada wineries is exceptional.

Bodegas Fontedei: The highest quality artisanal wine Svetlana Ruderman

Spanish Highest Quality

Although many people think that they need to turn to foreign wines to enjoy themselves, the truth is that in Granada, higher-quality wines are being produced every day. In fact, that is the main identity of Bodegas Fontedei, which takes advantage of the richness and diversity of the soils and the agroclimatic characteristics of the province to achieve a completely unparalleled product that stands out for its color, unmistakable aroma, and great taste. They also do so at a price far below what it should be, as their bottles sell for prices exceeding 100 euros in countries like the United States, Japan, or the Netherlands, while in Granada, it is possible to purchase them for just over 10 euros, a true bargain.


Bodegas Fontedei: The highest quality artisanal wine

Just Different

This price difference is explained by one of the main objectives of the winery: to make the people of Granada feel their wines as their own. “There are very few high-quality wines in Granada, and people want to consume local products; we just need to make it easy for them to do so.” They are achieving this by adding value to local wines, even though sometimes people stick to other references such as Rioja, Ribera, or Rueda, even though Fontedei’s wines have absolutely nothing to envy. “In the end, our wines are unique and have a 100% Granada character. We have vineyards in Alhama de Granada, on the coast, in the Guadix area… It is a product that serves as a summary of everything that the province represents,” concludes Antonio López de la Casa.
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